Frequently Asked Questions | Fifty Artists


How is Fifty Artists different?

• New artwork every week
• Original one-of-a-kind works
• Affordable paintings and illustrations
• Curated collections 
• Wide variety of artists and artwork

What type of artwork do you exhibit?

Fifty Artists promotes original, one-of-a-kind paintings and illustrations. Our showcase includes abstract, cityscapes, architectural, portrait, and a variety other subjects inspired by a range of art movements.

How is artwork chosen for Fifty Artists?

We believe in great art, great prices, and a great experience. We practice these convictions by representing artists that excite us and by selecting art people can afford.

Is every piece on Fifty Artists original?

Yes, all artwork on Fifty Artists is one-of-a-kind and signed by the artist.

Where is Fifty Artists located?

We are an online at and based out of Denver, CO.

How do I know if I’m buying “good” art?

Fifty Artists believes in, above all, buying art that inspires you. Since art becomes a part of your home or business, you should choose works that you love and are passionate about.  

How do I contact Fifty Artists?

Phone: 720-381-6861
Office Hours: 9AM-5PM MST


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